House Sitting Websites…Compared

We often get asked which house sitting website is the best so we’ve put together a quick overview and comparison of the different sites. If you’ve any questions feel free to ask us.

Trusted Housesitters

Website Annual Cost USD89.88

The largest house sitting site. may be one of the more expensive house sitting websites but it tends to have more house sits than any of the others. (full review)


Website Annual Cost USD50

Housecarers was one of the first sites we signed up to and using it we’ve been able to find a few house sits worldwide. It isn’t always the easiest website to use but it does tend to post plenty of new house sits each week so we are always keeping an eye on the listings to see what’s new. (full review)


Website Annual Cost USD20

One of the cheapest websites, we’ve picked up a few house sits with MindMyHouse and tend to renew because of the low price tag. (full review)


Website Annual Cost USD89

A very new house sitting site, Nomador’s site is clean and easy-to-use (although we haven’t had the chance to yet)


Website Annual Cost USD55 (roughly)

Another newcomer, HousesitMatch initially focused on just house sits in Australia and the UK but now has a few more international opportunities.

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